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Memorial Brick Campaign

Memorial Brick Campaign

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to commemorate members of your family and others who courageously protected our country, the United States of American, by participating in the Sharpe Elementary School Defenders of Freedom Memorial Brick Campaign.  The campaign is a tribute to veterans who served in the military and individuals who provided support services, keeping our country safe and free.  Bricks may be purchased and engraved with your honoree's name and affiliation. 

  • Preston Cope Memorial Scholarship Fund

    This brick campaign is presented by Maddox Cope as a part of his passion project completed at North Marshall Middle School.  Contributions will be made to the Preston Cope Memorial Scholarship Fund.

  • Cost, Dimensions, and Location

    Each brick is just $30.00 and engraving is included.  The bricks are 4" x 8" pavers with up to 3 lines each (15 characters inlcuding spaces per line).  The bricks will be placed around the flagpole in front of Sharpe Elementary School in Benton (Marshall County), Kentucky.

  • Direct Mail Option

    You may mail your information directly to Maddox Cope at the address below.  Please include the following information:  Name, Address, Phone, E-Mail, and three lines (15 characters including spaces per line) to honor your loved one.
    Thank you for all your support!
    God Bless💙❤️

    Maddox Cope
    c/o Preston Cope Memorial Fund
    14 Leigh Drive
    Benton, Ky 42025

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